Part habitat, part haven, part labor of feline love, the Panther Ridge Conservation Center is a home for some of the world's most beautiful and endangered big cats.
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(Please Note : These are sponsorship adoptions. Your contribution goes toward the care and feeding of these cats. In now way does a sponsorship adoption transfer ownership of any of the big cats.)
Amos (Black Leopard)
Amos is a black leopard who is truly a character. He has been at Panther Ridge since he was 1 week old. Amos is the nicest leopard you’ll ever meet. He has a very expressive face, and is a wonderful ambassador for special needs visitors. He loves hiding and sneaking up on visitors, and becomes virtually invisible in the shadows.
Charlie (Cheetah)
Charlie was born on October 21, 2005 in a special facility in South Africa. The facility breeds cheetahs for export as "ambassador cats," as well as for a program that re-introduces cheetahs into relatively safe areas where they will not have much interaction with humans. Charlie spends his mornings locating the coolest shade from a wide variety in his 3 acre enclosure. He loves to greet guests are they arrive with an audible "chirp".
Cody (Ocelot)
Cody came to Panther Ridge in 2003 when his owner decided she didn't want him anymore. He had been raised in her house with several other domestic animals, but when she added German Shepherds to the mix she didn't have room in her heart or home for Cody. Cody was moved to a backyard cage surrounded by barking dogs, and largely ignored by his owner. He came to Panther Ridge depressed, aggressive and angry, but has been warming up quickly to visitors and volunteers.
Duma (Serval)
Duma is an African serval who was left at the back door of a pet shop to be "disposed of" when his owner moved. Fortunately, one of Judy’s friends rescued him and brought him to Panther Ridge where he shares a habitat with his best friend, Phoebe the caracal. Duma loves people and is the Friendship Ambassador for Panther Ridge.
Isabella (Jaguar)
Isabella, or Bella for short, is the offspring of Aztec and Tia, two adult jaguars living at Panther Ridge. Isabella was abandoned by her mother, Tia, who didn't seem to know what to do with the baby Jaguar. Worried that she may dehydrate, Judy took Isabella and began to bottle feed her. Today Isabella spends her days swimming, and playing with some rather large cat toys.
Macho Man (Ocelot)
Macho Man came to Panther Ridge when his original owner was caught illegally selling endagered species over state lines. He and his best friend Delilah, share a habitat and he can often be found lounging the day away in his tree.
Ming (Clouded Leopard)
Ming and his sister Suki are the newest arrivals at Panther Ridge, and are as cute as can be. Brother and sister, they were born in August of 2008 and arrived here in November. Ming is a real ham, and it shows. He entertains visitors with acrobatics only a clouded leopard could perform. Ming often greets visitors with a "chuff" sound, welcoming them to his home.
Phoebe (Caracal)
Phoebe, a caracal, is a "leftover" from a breeder who was unable to sell her when she was a cute kitten. Phoebe was rescued by Panther Ridge and now calls it home. She is very vocal and an amazing jumper. She and Duma, the serval, share a habitat and can often be found cuddling each other.
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